Hedonova Review: A Fund for all Alternative Investments

Alan Angeloni
Co-Founder & CEO

In the past, alternative investment classes such as Startups & Art investing were historically reserved for accredited investors. Over recent years a variety of platforms have been launched to give investors exposure to these asset classes.

One firm particularly gives investors the ability to get exposure to over 12 asset classes in a single fund with a minimum investment of $5000 is essentially a mutual fund for alts! They have a unique allocation of assets that yield investors both capital gains & income. Select investments such as P2P lending & financing produce regular income for investors. While exposure to crypto, wine, art & startups yields investors' capital gains!

One thing to take into account is that majority of these assets are illiquid. These assets can take years to sell in order to see a return. Hedonova counters this by also investing in liquid assets like cryptocurrency and stocks.

Hedonova is a young firm founded in 2020. They have an exceptional track record thus far producing 53.2% CAGR with extraordinary alpha over the S&P 500 of 15.4%. Hedonovas' Diversified Portfolio of alternative assets is uncorrelated to the stock market. Hedonova invests in multiple asset classes and employs a variety of investment strategies, ranging from short-term directional to income-sharing arrangements. Thus creating a portfolio that has no interrelations within it.

Hedonovas Portfolio Overview 

  • Startups - 17%
  • Cryptocurrencies - 17%
  • Listed Equities - 12%
  • Real Estate - 11%
  • Equipment Finance - 8%
  • Litigation Finance - 6%
  • Agronomy - 6%
  • Art - 4%
  • P2P lending - 3%
  • NFTs - 3%
  • Collectibles - 2%
  • Wine - 2%
  • Students - 1%

12 Alternative Asset Classes in one fund!

Hedonova's portfolio consists of a plethora of unique investments. They're invested in million-dollar works of art from Jean-Michel Basquiat. Startups like Elon Musks SpaceX and NFT marketplace Opensea. High Yield real estate such as Fulfillment centers in India, Data centers in Portugal and Amsterdam, and even Vacation rentals in Paris. Because we will always need to eat Hedonova even has positions in an indoor salmon farm in NY, cocoa farms in Ghana, and even a plant-based animal feed manufacturer. 

How doesinvest in these assets?

Hedonova utilizes a variety of investment platforms to gain exposure to all of these asset classes. They leverage a variety of marketplaces& investment firms from fractional market places such as masterworks to invest in fine art, to unicorn founders rolling funds where Hedonova invests as an LP. (limited partner) They also utilize FundRise for real estate. LexShares for litigation finance. Forge for a startup. Vint for wine.

Pros & Cons of Hedonova


The advantages of investing with Hedonova are clear.

  • The fund offers investors exposure to a plethora of alternative investments which diversifies the fund extensively
  • There are no lock-up periods or exit fees. You can exit the fund when you want.


  • You need to be an accredited investor.
  • Short Track record, established in 2020.
  • High Performance of 10% (it is 50% below what the average hedge fund charges in performance fees which is good. but is high in a world where it's easier to get access to these financial products compared to 10 years ago.)

Getting Started with Hedonova

It takes a bit more time to open an account with Hedonova rather than with traditional investment platforms. This is because they dont have an automated KYC process. You need to prove you’re an accredited investor. Investing with Hedonova is still an easy process.

  1. Vbsite and click the start with $5000 button.
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Get on a quick call with an investment specialist from Hedonova. They will answer any and all questions that you have.
  4. Deposit funds into your account once KYC has been completed.

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