MyConstant Review: How to Invest in P2P Lending with USD or Crypto

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MyConstant is a multi-market, U.S. based P2P investment platform. P2P (peer-to-peer) lending is the process of loaning money on a short-term basis directly from individuals, P2P platforms, financial institutions, and more. P2P Lending has been around since 2006. It’s officially recognized by the US government and works like any other type of loan. P2P loans are made between you (the one loaning the money) and another person or business entity for you to earn interest. The borrower will have interest payments in return. Stepping into uncharted territory, MyConstant’s P2P lending platform makes lending cryptocurrency and investing in cryptocurrency-backed loans easy. MyConstant offers two different investment products with interest ranging from 4% APY to 7% APR. You can lock your money away for 1-6 months for the best rates or choose anytime-withdrawals for flexibility. There are no fees and it is easy to contact the MyConstant team with their 24-7 customer support across email, telephone, and social media. MyConstant also provides a free library of resources to start earning interest and achieve your financial goals, fast.

Connecting you with borrowers around the world, MyConstant will give you the power to invest in loans and earn interest on their benefit from an excellent incentive-based P2P lending platform. MyConstant follows due diligence procedures for each borrower to evaluate credit risk before offering any loan. Offering loans only in the U.S., but its P2P lending platform partners offer loans worldwide They are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority under P2PFA regulation license number 290290. Let’s jump into the MyConstant review.

MyConstant Instant Access


  • 4% APY, compounded and paid every second
  • No fees
  • Anytime withdrawals
  • Minimum investment just $10
  • No maximum investment limit

Instant access is MyConstant’s anytime-withdrawal investment account. With MyConstant’s instant access account, Withdrawals are processed within minutes and distributed to your P2P investment account. You can withdraw funds from your instant access account anytime you want your money, there is no minimum withdrawal limit. Investing in P2Ps with MyConstant is simple! This is just one way to earn interest.

The P2P lending platform could give you extra cash flows every month to earn interest and increase your investment returns. Instant Access pays 4% APY on deposits and you can withdraw funds anytime for free. If you want to earn a bank-beating rate on your money, consider instant access as your flexible investing alternative as opposed to normal savings accounts. You get 50x better interest than savings account without locking in your money. The average savings account yields around 0.1% APY.

Instant access works by investing your money in collateralized lending pools from which borrowers can get loans in return for interest. As such, it’s not a savings account and does not come with FDIC insurance (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). However, it offers the same convenience with anytime withdrawals and a much better rate, so it could be an ideal way to diversify your investments.

Keep in mind, that when you wire money from your bank account to your MyConstant account, they’ll reimburse you $15 for each wire that’s over $1,000 from your bank account.

MyConstant Lending Lottery


  • Every deposit of $100 earns you one ticket
  • The chance of winning is 3x easier than other lotteries
  • Each ticket can be used in 4 drawing weeks
  • No fees
  • Ability to pick your own numbers
  • Numbers are drawn daily

With MyConstant’s lending lottery you can invest and win up to $10M. As an investor, you can lend your money and earn a 1% APR and a chance to win up to $10M. For every $100 you invest, you will receive one lottery ticket. Plus, you can pick your own numbers. One number is drawn every night at 9 pm PT. Winners are announced on Sunday nights after 9 pm PT. Fortunately, there are no fees for the MyConstant lending lottery.

How it works:

First, you make your deposit. Remember, every $100 deposit earns you one lottery ticket. As soon as MyConstant’s custodian, Prime Trust, receives your funds then you will receive your tickets. Prime Trust is MyConstant's trusted and regulated financial institution used for money management. Next, you choose your numbers and receive your tickets. If you are selected as a winner, prizes will be automatically deposited into your account is a great addition. Having your winnings directly deposited in your account is a great addition.

MyConstant Crypto-backed


  • Up to 7% APR
  • Flexible terms 1-6 months
  • Borrower collateral-backed
  • Minimum investment of $50
  • No maximum investment

Crypto-backed is a P2P lending product that pays up to 7% APR on fixed-term loans of 1, 3, or 6 months. You guessed it, another way to earn interest. MyConstant offers investors the security of an experienced team behind them, as well as immediate liquidity for their Crypto assets. When you invest in Crypto-backed loans, your money funds a lending pool from which borrowers can get secure loans in return for interest. Borrowers must put up 150-200% of the loan amount in cryptocurrency as crypto collateral to secure the loan, which is sold to repay you if they default, or their crypto collateral value falls to a threshold. Crypto-backed loans are a safe, convenient way to gain access to high returns and earn interest in the realm of P2P lending.

With flexible terms and up to 3x the interest of a CD, investing in Crypto-backed offers a reliable alternative investment in challenging times. Given all lending is backed by cryptocurrencies, the risk of loss due to borrower default is lower than unsecured P2P lending platforms. MyConstant carefully selects which cryptocurrencies it accepts as collateral to ensure they can be sold at a moment’s notice. Their lending model has not failed them yet, with no investor losses since its launch in early 2019.

MyConstant Crypto Lend


  • Pays 4% APY on BTC, ETH, and BNB.
  • Earn up to 9% APR
  • Interest is compounded and paid every second.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals.
  • No minimum investment.
  • Available worldwide (non-US currencies converted to USD).

Crypto Lend is MyConstant’s crypto lending platform that features an anytime-withdrawal investment account for cryptocurrencies. With Crypto Lend, you earn 4% APY on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB) by supplying liquidity to lending pools and exchanges. Your interest is paid and compounded every second in the same cryptocurrency you use to invest, and you can withdraw anytime for free. MyConstant has also capped investments at $3M to ensure it can cover investor losses in cases where it or its partners are at fault. As an investor in Crypto Lend, you also have the opportunity to make an annual interest rate of up to 9% APR.

Crypto lending is an attractive alternative to actually participating in Crypto markets, which are unstable and sometimes political. This is why MyConstant has provided an amazing crypto lending platform. Crypto-backed loans are 100% protected by smart contracts that ensure instant repayment of the equal amount of the loan made in a USD or Cryptocurrency, should the borrower default. All Crypto assets held as collateral remain under the control of Crypto investors until they are sold to repay loans.

How it works:

In crypto lending, your cryptocurrency will fund liquidity in multiple different decentralized exchanges or DEXs as well as swapping platforms. When people decide to trade or swap cryptocurrency on a crypto lending platform, you will earn a cut of the fees they are charged. Additionally, MyConstant’s primary exchange partner, Incognito, has agreed to pay 7% APR in its token (PRV) to users who participate in Crypto Lend.

Additional Benefits of MyConstant

  • No fees (Free to invest, transfer, withdraw and deposit money).
  • 24/7 customer support across email, telephone, and social media.
  • A vast library of investor resources to help get the most out of their platform.
  • A fully-featured iOS and Android app.
  • Every fiat currency is accepted (though fiat currency is converted to USD upon reaching the platform).
  • Available worldwide.
  • Ability to sell your investments on the secondary market.


  • Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot (1000+ reviews).
  • Uses Prime Trust, an accredited US financial institution, for almost all cash management. This means MyConstant rarely is the one to provide cash management and take ownership of your funds. Using Prime Trust, a trusted financial institution, allows MyConstant to help reduce your risk.
  • Featured in many prominent finance and tech publications, including Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Zero Hedge.

Special offers for MyConstant account holders

  • End your investment term early
  • Ending your investment early is simple as selling on MyConstants secondary market. After selling, you will get your principal back plus 2% APR on elapsed time. This way, MyConstant provides an excellent incentive-based P2P lending platform.
  • Free $4,000 trial bonus for new US customers
  • If you’re a US citizen who signs up and passes KYC, you’ll receive a 15-day trial bonus of $4,000 to invest in instant access at 4% APY. After 30 days, MyConstant will reclaim the $4,000, but you keep the interest. This gives you the opportunity to try the platform before committing any of your own money.
  • Refer friends for a $10 bonus (US only) plus 10% of their instant access interest
  • MyConstant also offers a generous referral rewards program. For any US citizen who signs up using your unique referral link, passes KYC, and make an initial deposit of at least $10, you will earn a $10 bonus and 10% of their instant access interest in their first year of investing. For example, if your friend earns $100 in their first year, you get $10 without lifting a finger. When they deposit funds, you earn. They can even invite other customers and earn too!

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