Aaron Sloan

Aaron Sloan

Strategic Financial Concepts
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Aaron Sloan

Like many in small towns, I grew up around a family-owned business. My family's business, however, was a small-town community bank and I grew up sneaking suckers from the drive thru windows. I've always been fascinated with the financial services industry, but after seeing the impact that three family deaths had on my own family, I knew I wanted a career that could help give others financial peace of mind, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. After doing some searching, I was unsatisfied with the traditional way that many firms were doing business, being very product focused. Through mutual ties to SBU, I found Strategic Financial Concepts and was excited by their unique approach to comprehensive financial planning and their focus on educating clients over pushing product.


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Southwest Baptist University B.S. Economics and Finance and B.S. International Business Obtained on: May 13 2016


Strategic Financial Concepts



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