Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson

Thrive Retirement Specialists
3319 Greenfield #148, Dearborn, MI 48120
Founder & President
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Anthony Watson

Before founding Thrive Retirement Specialists, Tony spent eight years serving as the Chief Investment Officer of a firm where he provided advice and investment management services to over 600 individuals representing at the time over $1.5 billion of investments. Before this, Tony served as Vice President at J.P. Morgan Private Bank where he advised high- and ultra-high net worth individuals on all matters of wealth including investments, portfolio construction, portfolio management, and retirement planning.Tony lives in Dearborn, Michigan with his wife Dawn and daughters Emma and Anna.


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Walsh College
Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business


Thrive Retirement Specialists

Thrive Retirement Specialists is a retirement planning and investment management specialist dedicated to delivering a more thoughtful and strategic approach to retirement planning for those nearing or in retirement.  The wealth management industry is full of conflict of interest and inexperienced advisers that often leave people in sub-optimal retirement situations.  Thrive Retirement Specialists exists to do better.  We offer a single, flat-fee service entitled ThriveRetireTM that goes far beyond what has traditionally been known as retirement planning.  ThriveRetireTM is an engaging ongoing 8-step retirement planning process and investment management service that seeks to drive value through four main pillars:Optimized decision making and asset usageRules-based (or Dynamic) withdrawal strategiesTax-efficient withdrawal coordination and asset managementLow-cost index investing With every interaction, we seek to inform and serve, so our clients can safely trust their ThriveRetire™ plan and process, leaving each client with the confidence and peace of mind to live a vibrant and full life through retirement.



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For Investment-based assets to be an effective source of retirement income, the investments must be structured and managed properly. Much value can be gained or lost at this step. Thrive Retirement Specialists follows a passive investment philosophy that believes in investing based on probability over possibility and in building maximally diversified portfolios using low-cost index funds. Using only nine index funds, each representing one of the nine asset classes we believe a retiree should hold, we build portfolios for clients giving them exposure to over 36,000 individual securities across all investable 44 countries, and the portfolio’s weighted average expense ratio is only 0.10% or less. We then monitor each portfolio daily for opportunities to rebalance based on need rather than some calendar-based timetable to ensure the integrity of the chosen portfolio’s characteristics at all times. Anthony Watson