Wes Shannon

Wes Shannon

SJK Financial Planning, L.L.C.
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Wes Shannon

After working decades in the insurance and financial services industry, Wes left insurance to do full-time financial planning and investment advising.  Wes is the founder of SJK Financial Planning (SJK are the initials of Wes’ children).Wes has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas majoring in Financial Planning.  Wes is a Certified Financial Planning Professional™.  Wes is an active member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisers (NAPFA), the XY Planning Network, and a member DFW chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).Wes enjoys the outdoors participating in backpacking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, and camping. He likes to cook, garden and read. He has a passion for old movies and is a Turner Classic Movie fan.  Wes says, “I love good story telling, that’s what I look for in old movies”.  Expect Wes to listen to your story and dreams; then work in a sincere manner to help you reach those dreams.




University of North Texas Bachelors of Business Administration Duration: 2011 - 2013


SJK Financial Planning, L.L.C.

SJK Financial Planning is a FEE ONLY planning firm.  We do not accept commissions or kickbacks from investments and financial firms.  We work for you, the client, and the only person who pays us is, you the client.  We keep our fees transparent and low.SJK Financial Planning maintains low overhead and we constantly keep our expenses low so that we can pass on to our clients a fee structure less than most of our competitors.The first consultation is always free, so we may determine if we can be of any benefit to the client.



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We don’t like to lose money. We encourage clients to take the most conservative route to their goals. Our investment recommendations are intended to work for the client’s long-term goals.We believe in the weak form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. We don’t engage in market timing or classical technical analysis. We use appropriate mathematical measures of risk and return. The standard deviation is our primary measure of risk and we use the Sharpe Ratio for risk adjusted returns.We believe a tactical asset allocation is the most important determinant for long-term portfolio performance.Wes Shannon