LIQID enables you to invest smartly and professionally in just a few clicks.

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How you make money

"LIQID Select is an active investment style with investments in active funds and ETFs and an exceptionally broad diversification. The LIQID investment team monitors the markets, the economy and politics. When it identifies opportunities or threats, it tactically adjusts portfolios. This corresponds to the strategy with which the Harald Quandt family and other smart money investors invest their assets.

LIQID Select relies on selected exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) as well as active funds. There are also forward transactions to hedge currency and market risks. Investments are made in North American, European, Pacific, Japanese and emerging market equities, investment grade, emerging market and high yield bonds as well as in precious metals (gold) and hedge funds. This leads to exceptionally broadly diversified portfolios with a higher expected return than the market average - with lower fluctuations in value. Compared to LIQID Global, an investment style that only invests in ETFs, the costs for LIQID Select are slightly higher. The securities are selected by LIQID and HQ Trust, the multi-family office of the Harald Quandt family: one of the most renowned investment teams in Germany"

How they make money

Liqid charges a 0.72% annual management fee.

Investment Risks

An important part of LIQID Select is the sophisticated risk management. The core is the so-called strategic asset allocation (SAA). This means the global allocation of assets to various asset classes (such as equities and bonds) and sub-asset classes (e.g. North American equities or emerging market bonds). How heavily volatile asset classes such as equities and low-volatility asset classes such as bonds are weighted in the respective portfolio depends on the customer's individual risk profile. He can set this himself. Or he determines it using a scientifically based test that LIQID has developed together with the Universities of St. Gallen and Zurich.

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