MoneyLion makes it easy to reach your goals faster with fully managed portfolios and auto investing.

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How you make money

MoneyLion helps you choose an investment strategy to support your goals. Simply pick an amount to invest on repeat, and get closer to your dreams — automatically. When you transfer money (any amount!) to your MoneyLion Investment account, we'll invest it for you in a personalized portfolio of low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds, which may include equity (stock) and fixed-income (bond) ETFs. And we'll manage and rebalance for zero management fee. You can even take more control over your portfolio by adding thematic sets of ETFs aligned to specific topics like technology innovation and social responsibility.

How they make money

Unlike some other managed investment accounts, the MoneyLion Investment Account has no ongoing management or trading fees. There is a tiered monthly account fee on our investment accounts: $1 for accounts valued up to $5k $3 for accounts valued over $5k, up to $25k $5 for accounts valued over $25k In addition to the account level expenses described above, the ETFs in which you invest include embedded expenses that will reduce the ETF’s net asset value. These embedded expenses will reduce the ETF’s performance and will, therefore, reduce the overall performance of your portfolio. Such fees and expenses may include management fees, custodian fees, brokerage commissions, and legal and accounting fees.

Investment Risks

There is different levels of risks based on the preferences you choose for your investment account. MoneyLion will make investments based on these preferences.

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