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How you make money

With Netcapital, you can invest in companies that aren’t on the stock market. More than that, you can diversify your alternative investment portfolio by investing lower dollar amounts in more companies—something that’s difficult to do on your own. Review the company’s pitch, team, risks, financial statements, offering statement, and other disclosures. Ask questions of the founders. Discuss the deal with other potential investors in our public forum. Netcapital's legal documents are fairly standardized to make your review easier. Just click the invest button and share some basic financial information so we can record the sale.

How they make money

Netcapital currently does not charge investors any fee to invest in offerings. The company in which you invest pays Netcapital a 4.9% portal fee of the amount raised upon the successful raising of capital through Netcapital. However, in the case of payments by wire, your bank may assess you a wire fee, and, in the case of payments by credit/debit card, a credit card convenience fee is charged.

Investment Risks

Keep in mind that most investors shouldn’t allocate more than a small portion of their total portfolio to early-stage companies. Be sure that this type of investing is right for you. An investment in an early-stage company involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.

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