Buy and sell shares of collectibles, NFTs, and art.

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How you make money

Otis makes investing in culturally significant collectibles, sneakers, and art easy and accessible. Buy and sell shares of collectibles, sneakers, and art. Each cultural asset on the platform has been securitized with the SEC and broken into shares. Investors select an Otis asset and acquire fractional interests that represents an indirect ownership interest in that asset. View your portfolio and stay informed on the latest news and pricing information any time from within the app. All it takes are a few taps of the app to sell your shares to other Otis members. You can also receive a potential return if we sell one of the underlying assets you invested in.

How they make money

Depending on the asset, Otis charges a 0-10% sourcing fee, which enables our team to comprehensively analyze, source, and diligence each of our investments. In addition, Otis' broker-dealer charges a 1% fee on invested capital. Otis does not charge a fee for trading.

Investment Risks

Any investment poses some risk, and Otis always recommend doing your own research when choosing your investments. That said, the assets offered on the platform are not guaranteed and are generally illiquid. Any asset on Otis' platform can go up or down in value. For more information on the risks of investing on Otis, please see each asset’s offering circulars and refer to the Otis disclosures.

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