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How you make money
Minimum Investment
Target Return
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Accredited Investors

How you make money

After creating an OurCrowd account and onboarding with accreditation and KYC materials, investors have access to full deal materials for all currently funding startups on the platform. Investors who wish to participate in a specific investment opportunity do so by reserving an allocation through the “I’m Interested” button. This begins the commitment process whereby investors receive relevant subscription documents and wiring details. Post-investment, investors receive regular updates about portfolio performance through email notifications and a personalized account dashboard.

How they make money

There is a 2% annual management fee for four years. A one time, 4% administration feee for direct reimbursement for SPV's expenses. 20% carried interest on profits up to 5x of the amount invested. Proceeds in excess of 5x of the amount invested will be subject to carried interest at a rate of 25%.

Investment Risks

The risks of making investments through OurCrowd arise both from the more general risks associated with the nature of the OurCrowd investment platform and the making of investments in early stage technology companies, and from more specific risks related to OurCrowd’s investment in a particular portfolio company. To learn more, visit www.ourcrowd.com/risk-factors

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