Personal Capital


Personal Capital's wealth management software helps you achieve your financial goals. Chart a path to financial freedom. Assess your chances of retirement success and see what you can do to meet your goals.

How you make money
Dividends & Value
Minimum Investment
Target Return
7% - 10%
Open to
All Investors

How you make money

Personal Capital start by understanding your financial situation as well as your financial goals. From there, they will assess how much growth is required to reach those goals. With this information, they will build you an investment portfolio based on your risk and return preferences. Personal Capital's Tactical Weighting approach is a diverse, tax efficient strategy. Numerous ETFs are involved in the building of your portfolio. You can also earn returns on your cash.

How they make money

Personal Capital bases their fees on the assets managed in your account. You will be billed with these fees monthly. Fees structure below: First $1M: 0.89% When you reach $1M until $3M: 0.79% Next $2M: 0.69% Next $5M: 0.59% Over $10M: 0.49%

Investment Risks

Your money is held by Pershing Advisor Solutions, a Bank of New York Mellon Company. Pershing manages over $1T in assets making them one of the largest custodians in the US. Personal Capital is FDIC insured up to an aggregate $1,500,000.

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