Quantbase is the world's first quantitative hedge fund for everyone.

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How you make money

Quantbase is a platform for passive exposures to high-risk, alternative assets and strategies. Based on your interests and experience, they create a portfolio for you allocated into anything from leveraged hedge fund strategies, Nancy Pelosi trackers, quant strategies, crypto, NFTs, fine art/wine, and more. Users make their money through the appreciation of a portfolio across asset classes and trading strategies. These investments are all driven by rules-based algorithms, which are monitored and managed (with discretionary power) by Quantbase’s investment team. Each portfolio is optimized to minimize volatility in the context of the risk the portfolio is looking to take.

How they make money

Quantbase charges a 0.94% fee annually; however, all users who create an account and invest $1000 by April will get no fees permanently. This fee also shrinks by 25% for every referral you bring in until there are no fees for your account.

Investment Risks

Quantbase’s algorithms manage the money, so losses are possible. The automated index funds and strategies on Quantbase are meant to trade short-term volatility for higher long-term gain than other investments, meaning strong upturns and downturns are expected. Despite this, any account is SIPC-insured for up to $500,000.

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