A social investing platform that lets you invest in rare sneakers by buying and trading shares in them.

How you make money
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How you make money

Rares acquires authentic sneakers and splits them into tradeable shares. They offer these shares to the public via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on our platform. After the IPO users who hold shares can either hold on to them or trade them with other users on Rares' platform as the value of the shoe changes. When Rares auctions/sells the shoe, users who hold shares in the shoe get paid out based on the sale price of the sneaker and number of shares they own.

How they make money

There is a 1% brokerage fee as well as a 5% annual management fee.

Investment Risks

All shares on the Rares platform are SEC qualified offerings. As with any investment, there is a risk of losing some, or all of the value of your investment. Rares does not guarantee that the value of your shares will increase. However, Rares has employed experts in the acquisition, timing and disposition of sneakers and collectible assets. Rares aim is to provide you with the best possible, investment-grade sneakers available.

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