SeedInvest helps you become an angel investor and back the newest crop of visionary companies.

How you make money
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How you make money

SeedInvest is an investment platform that provides everyone with access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities. Investing entities we serve include, but are not limited to non-accredited individuals, angel investors, family offices, venture capital firms and funds, and institutional investors. Companies must satisfactorily complete vetting and due diligence processes prior to listing on the platform; about 1% of companies that have applied are ultimately listed as investment opportunities on SeedInvest.

How they make money

Users making investments on the platform pay transaction fees, which are intended to cover the costs of account opening and maintenance, transaction processing, and other administrative costs associated with processing investments on behalf of investors in compliance with federal law. These transaction fees are 2% of the value of any given investment, capped at $300, and are returned in full if a company does not meet its minimum fundraising goal and/or is no longer deemed to be a suitable investment.

Investment Risks

Investments in private, early-stage companies are extremely risky and illiquid. While the opportunity for outsized returns exists, the chances that startup investors will lose the entirety of their investments are high (significantly higher than the chances of failure when investing in public stocks, for example) for any single investment. All potential investors should err on the side of caution and expect to hold their investments for 5+ years before any potential liquidity event may take place.

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