Stockpile is an online digital brokerage, that offers two types of accounts: individual brokerage accounts and custodial accounts.

How you make money
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How you make money

Now you can give anyone an amount in a specific company or let them choose a brand they want to own. It's the gift that gets someone started on their path to investing. It's also a way for existing investors to expand their portfolios. If you want to get started investing, open an account in minutes and trade stocks. Stockpile gives you the opportunity to select companies and brands you want to invest in.

How they make money

Stockpile charges a $5/ month subscription. They also sell annual memberships occasionally during special sales.

Investment Risks

The types of investments with which you fill your portfolio are dependent on your attitude towards risk. A good rule of thumb is to base your investment strategy on your risk tolerance. There are three types of investor risk tolerance: aggressive, moderate, and conservative. To better understand which category you might fall under, visit Stockpile's website. Their FAQ has an excellent article covering each.

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