Frank Akridge Advisor Interview Article

Frank Akridge
Investment Advisor

What is your specialty?

I work with folks to turn their biggest lifetime expense…taxes… into wealth, accelerating their ability to arrive at their ideal financial future on their own terms.

What type of clients do you cater to?

high-income, wealthy business owners, executives, and professionals. 

What fees do you charge?

Depending on the strategy and the carrier, we use fees or commissions

How do you manage your own finances?

I use the same strategies as I use with clients. It wouldn’t make sense to me to recommend one thing and do something else.

Current Market Insights

After 22 years, suffice it to say there are a few predictable triggers to the economy and investments such as the Fed interest rate, national debt, etc.. Given that, it is important for the client to determine how much risk will keep them up at night and choose strategies that allow them to sleep well. I am blessed to be connected to strategy providers for all risk levels. There is a difference between “The Economy” and your economy.


Investment advisory services offered through Optivise Advisory Services, LLC., a SEC registered investment advisor.  Optivise and Financial Pathfinder are independent of one another.  Registration with the SEC does not denote a certain skill level or guarantee the success of an investment strategy.

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Frank Akridge
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