How to Make Money as a Kid

Chris Cerny

Figuring out how to make money as a kid isn’t hard if you’re in your teenage years. However, if you’re on the younger side, it’s more difficult due to having fewer professional skillsets – and even less of a working history. Furthermore, since you’re younger than the minimum legal working age, your options are fairly limited. Not to mention, because all kids have their own skillsets, it can be difficult to find where you fit in.

However, there are a few basic steps you can take toward finding a job and earning your first few dollars:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Brainstorm an idea
  3. Research the idea
  4. Decide how you’ll get people to pay
  5. Bring on partners (such as parents or older siblings)
  6. Just START (this is the most important step)

These steps are very important in figuring out the best way to start earning. In this article, we’ll jumpstart you with a few ideas to work toward that first step – setting a goal. From online work to housework to odd jobs, there are dozens of ways to make money as a kid.

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Making Money Online as a Kid

There are so many more ways for kids to make money now because of the internet. The best way to earn in this online world is to tap into your inner entrepreneur. This provides kids with options and diversity in this technology-led society.

Monetize a Website

“How can kids make money online?” is a question that many kids (and even their parents) ask today. How to do it safely is another matter entirely. One of these ways is by starting a website.

This idea is especially great for aspiring entrepreneurs since it introduces kids to the online business world at a young age. Building a website can jumpstart a business for any kid, and they’re a fantastic way to start building a steady income by high school graduation. (College education, here we come!)

Become a YouTuber

We covered this topic more in-depth in our article on how teens can make money. A lot of kids have made money on this platform in recent years. There are many different options that can lead to success, from product reviews to eSports. In fact, one of the highest-paid kids on the internet, EvanTubeHD, makes over $1.6 million per year!

Make Money as a Kid Photographer

Another way to make money is to sell your pictures online. If you really enjoy photography, this is a great way to earn a little extra cash. There are websites like iStockphoto and Fotolia that pay you to upload your pictures to the site. For budding photographers and curious camera owners alike, this methods provides a creative outlet that pays.

Online Surveys

Just like teens, kids can also make money from taking online surveys in their free time. Online surveys mostly require people to be at least 13 years old – but that’s where parents come in. You can ask your parents to create an account that you can use. Survey sites, like Survey Junkie, have paid people thousands of dollars for something very easy for kids to do.

Making Money Doing Chores

One of the most well-known ways for kids to make money is by doing work in and around the house. This is a great way for parents to add chores to their child’s list while teaching them the value of money. From a kid’s point of view, you can ask your parents or neighbors for money to do the things they don’t want to do. (Bonus: since kids are smaller than adults, they can fit into tight spaces to complete tasks).

Mow Lawns, Rake Leaves, or Shovel Snow

Mowing lawns and raking leaves may be the dreaded summer chores of thousands of kids worldwide, but they’re a reliable source of income in the hot months. Almost every kid with a patch of lawn has been asked by a parent to do this; why not make a few bucks in the process?

Shoveling snow sits in a similar vein, though this applies to anyone with a house – regardless of if there’s a lawn involved. Sidewalks, driveways, and footpaths all need to be shoveled in the winter. Hop to it!

Do Extra Chores Around the House

Another great way is to ask your parents for extra things to do around the house. These can be anything from dusting shelves to vacuuming the house more frequently. Just remember that they are extra, on top of whatever you already have to do around the house.

Ways to Make Money as a Kid…in Childcare

If you are older, you can ask to babysit kids younger than you. Childcare is another reliable source of income that will far beyond your teenage years – and babysitting isn’t the only way to earn.


Babysitting is what we all think of as a way for older kids to make money fast. You can ask to babysit younger kids when their parents go out for the night or even to work. Most parents enjoy having an alternative to more expensive daycares and will stay pay well. Also, if you have younger siblings, you can ask your parents for cash to babysit them instead.

Kids Club

Instead of just watching one family’s kids, why not make it a party and watch more kids? This is an easy way to increase your earnings exponentially. Tell people at your school, church, even around your neighborhood – both parents and the kids you watch will love it!


Becoming a nanny is like babysitting – in a sense. However, how much money you make, and what you do to earn, increases more than just a little. When you become a nanny, you take care of kids long-term, and for longer periods of time. Instead of being restricted to two hours a day twice a week, you can expect to work through your entire summer spending four to eight hours a day with a single child (or siblings, as the case may be).

Traditional Ways to Make Money as a Kid

There are certain ways of making money that transcend time barriers. No matter the time period, some jobs are always going to appeal to kids (or at least to their parents).

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are the classic options for kids to make money. In fact, making lemonade and selling it on the curb or in your driveway is one of the first exposures many kids have to making money. This is also one of the few methods fairly exclusive to children – because cuteness sells. And kids, let’s face it: parents just aren’t as cute as you.

Hot Chocolate Stand

Hot chocolate stands are similar to lemonade stands, with the major difference being you can sell your wares better in the winter. This idea is great partially because it’s unusual: they don’t pop up everywhere, but where they do, they’re greatly needed to warm up on a cold day.

Washing Cars

Another fairly simple way to make money as a kid is by washing cars. You can ask your parents or neighbors if their cars need washing, which works well for everyone because it’s easier than going to a professional car wash. If you have the supplies, you can even set up a car washing service in a parking lot or driveway and make a few extra bucks serving the entire neighborhood.

How to Make Money from Odd Jobs

Finally, we come to the jobs that adults can’t – or don’t want – to do. Kids are better at some jobs because they’re smaller and often more agile. Not to mention, these jobs are tedious and just plain time-consuming.

Put Up Holiday Decorations

This is can take hours to do during the holiday seasons. As a kid, you can ask your parents, neighbors, or friends to help out and reduce the time spent doing these tasks. Plus, you can help them get the decorations that are in places that adults can’t reach. Not only that, but you can request to be paid by the hour or for the total job – which allows kids to make money their way.

Weed Gardens

Another odd job for kids is to weed gardens for people. It’s not the best job in the world, but it needs to be done, and frequently, too. You can make money as a kid by weeding your garden or those of friends/neighbors. This is easier for kids to do since they get spots and weeds that adults can’t reach or see.

A Final Word: What is the Best Way for Kids to Make Money?

What is the best way for kids to make money? In short, do what’s best for you and just start. Unlike most times in your life, as a kid, you can choose what you want to do to make money. Just start things and try different things. If they fail…well, then, they fail, and you can move on.

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