Real Estate

HoneyBricks is a platform for tokenized real estate investment, enabling you to invest your cryptocurrency in multifamily real estate.

How you make money
Dividends & Value
Minimum Investment
Target Return
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Accredited Investors

How you make money

Create your account, connect with leading sponsors across the US, and start building your wealth. Discover investment managers across the US, and if you find an investment you like - sign documents and fund your investment on the platform in minutes. HoneyBricks lets you invest in real estate on autopilot. They send you regular cash distributions, and you can track the growth of your portfolio through our platform.

How they make money

As an investor, there are no fees to invest on the HoneyBricks platform at this time.

Investment Risks

With events like FTX’s collapse, blockchain-related companies can sometimes raise flags. Here is what you should know about HoneyBricks.#1. Clear legal protections: HoneyBricks is a US company and securities issuer, with clear investor protections and disclosures.#2. Transparent interactions: All transactions related to your investments are publicly available on our smart contracts, and are legally separate from HoneyBricks.#3. Team and Security: We’re backed by an experienced team and investors, and operate with strict security and privacy controls.Learn more: https://www.honeybricks.com/transparency

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