Livestock Wealth


Crowdfarming™ turns your investment in cows & plants into real change.

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How you make money

Crowdfarming™ is a simple way to help anyone buy & own real profit-earning assets, helping farmers grow and maintain assets until ready for market. You buy the young asset (livestock or plant-based) from the farmer. The asset grows in the farmers care. The farmer buys back the asset once it has fully grown at harvest. You can choose to reinvest in another asset or collect your return, paid out into your bank account. The opportunities are mostly located in South Africa but you can investment from anywhere in the world.

How they make money

Livestock Wealth charges farmers a facilitation fee.

Investment Risks

Since 2015, Livestock Wealth has gained over 2,800 unique investors, which have invested over R70 million and have been paid out over R10 million in profits. They have more than 30 vetted partner farmers around South Africa and have been featured on Carte Blance, BBC, CNN, SABC, TEDx, Times Live and more. Go to the Livestock Wealth press page to watch the interviews. Livestock Wealth is not only regulated by the Agricultural Produce Agents Council Act: Reg No. 155 but is also registered by SAMAC (Macadamias South Africa NPC).

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