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Modiv is passionate about helping you on your journey to financial freedom through commercial real estate.

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How you make money

Modiv Inc. is a publicly traded REIT that acquires, owns and manages single-tenant net-lease industrial, retail and office real estate throughout the United States, with a focus on strategically important and mission critical properties. Driven by innovation, an investor-first focus and an experienced management team, Modiv has created a $500 million real estate fund comprising 2.3 million square feet of income-producing real estate.

How they make money

Rent is paid to Modiv on a monthly basis. In return, Modiv manages the properties, pays the bills, and passes along the remainder of the profits to investors. Since Modiv is a REIT, Modiv must distribute at least 90% of its net income annually.

Investment Risks

The offering on the Modiv website is a non-traded real estate investment trust, or REIT. A REIT is a corporation that owns income producing real estate. REITs pool the capital of numerous investors to purchase a portfolio of properties. Non-traded REITs do not trade on a national securities exchange and thus you should understand that any investment in our REIT is generally illiquid. The repurchase of your shares by Modiv may be possible each month through Modiv share repurchase program, but the share repurchase program is subject to limitations and fees discussed in the offering documents, including the memorandum.

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