Peer to Peer lending platform that connects investors and borrowers.

How you make money
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How you make money

Constant users can make money by using one of the three investment options. The first option is Flex. With Flex users earn 4% APY. Flex is an investment account that pays 4% APY that you can withdrawal from at anytime. Users' money funds collateralized lending pools and supplies liquidity to trading exchanges. The next way users make money is from Crypto-backed. Users can earn up to 7.5% APR with this cryptocurrency backed Peer to Peer lending product. In the case that borrowers default, their collateral is sold to repay users. The last way users can make money is from the Loan Originator option. With this, users earn up to 11% APR. Loan Originator is a Peer to Peer investment product where users fund loan originators who have secured borrowers on the behalf of the users.

How they make money

Constant makes money on the difference between the rates earned across various lending and exchange markets and the rate paid to users through Flex. In addition, Constant charges a 1% matching fee to borrowers who get loans through their platform.

Investment Risks

Flex is an investment account and is not insured. Caution should be used when lending because not all lending is collateralized. Collateral does not guarantee the return of all of the user's funds. Loan Originator lending might be secured or unsecured. The loan originator will buy back the loan if it defaults for 60 days or more to return the user's principal and earned profit. This is not an insurance on the user's funds, meaning caution should be used along with diversification.

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