Real Estate

PeerStreet has an innovative take on crowd funded real estate by revolutionizing lending. Their marketplace helps to review potential opportunities to invest in real estate debt.

How you make money
Dividends & Value
Minimum Investment
Target Return
7% - 12%
Open to
Accredited Investors

How you make money

PeerStreet offers a marketplace for investing in real estate debt. This means, as borrowers pay back their loans, you will get paid their interest payments each month. The marketplace is made up of a country wide network of vetted private lenders. It allows you to browse and choose from residential or multifamily real estate investments that offer different terms and yields. PeerStreet's Automated Investing allows you to reserve your spot to invest in opportunities that are right for you as soon as they are available. Even then, you have 24 hours to review your investments before fully committing. Investors are to expect their interest payments between the 1st and 15th of every month.

How they make money

The fee that PeerStreet takes is going to be taken from the interest payment paid by the borrower. Although, to give investors security, they are structured to only be paid when investors are paid. PeerStreet will always tell you the fee you will be charged which usually ranges form 0.25% - 1%.

Investment Risks

PeerStreet ensures that all of their users information and data will be secure as they use technology up to par with industry standards. You are able to withdraw or reinvest your earnings at anytime. PeerStreets holds their loans in an entity that is bankrupt-remote which is separate from their corporation. This means, even if PeerStreet were to go out of business, all loans will be taken over by a third party who will ensure the continuity of interest payments. Investments are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

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