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Roofstock offers a real estate investment marketplace where you can buy or sell rental property with tenants to provide you with rental income. This allows for investors to invest in a rental market without living there.

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How you make money

Roofstock sells houses with tenants already in them. Investors buy these houses and then get paid from rent that the tenants pay. Investors also gain any appreciation in the property value when it is sold. In the case that you decide not to self manage, a Property Manager can be appointed to do the following: collect rents, pay expenses and remit the net income to each investor.

How they make money

Roofstock makes money by charging investors a Marketplace Fee of 0.5% of the Contract Price. Additionally, the seller pays a 2.5% broker commission and a 2.5% all-in-seller fee. If investors do not want to manage the property themselves, Roofstock offers a Property Management solution for a 8 to 10% management fee.

Investment Risks

Owning a rental property comes with many risks. Emergencies can arise at any time which may require additional capital to fix. The property owner is responsible for taking care of all of the appliances in the house and if something breaks, you will have to pay to repair it. Lastly, rental properties are not liquid. Buying the property can be much easier than selling the property making this investment difficult to get out of.

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