Invest in the world's rarest wines.

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How you make money

Invest in the world's rarest wines. Sommtrust is a safe alternative to traditional investing. Over the last 25 years, fine wine annualized return is 12.6%, outperforming the S&P 500. Being the first-ever actively managed wine investment strategy available to all, Sommtrust, makes it easier to participate in wine investing without the hassle of trading and researching investment grade wines on your own. Sommtrust uses machine learning and quantitative analysis to assess thousands of wines and create a portfolio of wines tailored to your objectives. The wine is stored in temperature-controlled storage facilities that are regularly inspected and insured. Hundreds of bottles are vetted to find top-notch wines at a great value. Sommtrust conducts deep fundamental research to identify high performing wines for the next 5+ years.

How they make money

There is a 2.7% fee of your average annual balance with Sommtrust's basic plan. Although, this is not a purchase or sale fee. It is actually to fund the purchase of wine, fraud prevention and detection, and wine management.

Investment Risks

Investors get to invest in fine wine and get consistent growth, even during the harshest downturns. Fine wine has a negative correlation to traditional financial assets, making it stable even during times of economic uncertainty. The best wines are highly restricted in supply and face increasing demand, which has pushed their value higher. The wine is also fully insured in the case its broken or lost.

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