Staked helps investors earn yield from staking and DeFi without taking custody of their crypto assets.

How you make money
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How you make money

Staking (also called Proof of Stake) is built-in inflation that maintains the long-term security of the network. New coins are created to pay validator nodes who ""vote"" secure the coin and process transaction. While validation requires technical expertise and need to be a one of the very largest owners, stake can be pooled.

Staked runs a validator node as a service. You delegate the voting weight of your currency to our node and earn the block rewards less our fee. While you hold on to your currency, this process is not entirely risk-free. See our website for complete details and risks.

How they make money

Staked pays 90% of the block rewards to delegates. Staked has a 100% uptime SLA, so if they aren't producing blocks you will still get paid.

Investment Risks

Staked works with premier cryptocurrency funds, investors, and exchanges to facilitate crypto staking.

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