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How you make money

A Merchant Cash Advance is a type of funding available to business owners in need of immediate access to working capital. Rather than a traditional loan, a Merchant Cash Advance is structured as a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future credit card, debit card or cash sales. As an investment, Merchant Cash Advances offer a variety of benefits to investors. Due to the nature of Merchant Cash Advances, Investors typically see a higher return on average compared to traditional loans.. Due to a shorter term (ranging from 3 to 14 months) investor capital is returned much faster and regularly. Correlation to traditional public equity and credit markets is typically low.

How they make money

Supervest charges a flat 4% platform/matching fee on deal capital returned to investors. There is also a pass-thru servicing charge of about 3% for funding partners as well as a pass-thru origination commission of 10% on average paid at each deal closing.

Investment Risks

There is no guarantee your investment will have a positive performance. Do not invest money you can not afford to lose.

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