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How to Set Up Your First Facebook Business Page

Jordan Blansit

One of the biggest and most major social media platforms of all time is Facebook. We all know how Facebook connects you with friends and family with groups, posts, and more – but what about monetization and the business world?

More than 140 million businesses use Facebook to conduct business and connect with patrons and customers. If you’re nervous about getting started, don’t be! You won’t be alone – and you definitely won’t be the last.

Here, you can learn how to go about setting up a Facebook Business Page for you and your business. We’ve compiled some of the best tips to kickstart your journey, as well as some tidbits on monetizing your account.

Read on for the how-to on making your Facebook Business professional, clean, and the best it can be.

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Setting Up Your First Facebook Business Page

If you’re not already signed up on Facebook, go ahead and create a personal profile for yourself. From there, navigate to Pages on Facebook, and hit the option to Create. You’ll likely see two different page categories: Business or Brand, and Community or Public Figure. Pick the one that best fits why you’re setting up your page, select the category that describes your business, and you’re good to go.

Pro Tip: Before taking the first step in setting up your Facebook Business Account, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you setting up this page for? Is it for your own company, or are you contracting to another company?
  • Why are you building a Facebook business page?
  • How do you plan to use Facebook for your business? Are you connecting with customers, selling products, or both?

Once you have the goal of your page figured out, it’s time to start designing your look.

Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

According to Facebook, 6 in 10 local businesses say that having an online presence is important for their long-term success. Creating a Facebook Business Page for your brand will not only get your brand out there, but it will also be more accessible to your target audience. You can share updates such as business hours, product photos, and even interact directly with your customer base.

In short, if you’re a business that thrives on sharing content, collaborating with your customers and other brands, and including that personal touch, then creating a Facebook Business Page is essential for your organization.

Facebook has carried several features over from Instagram, including targeted ads and buying products or memberships right on your page. If you’re a community non-profit or other business that relies on events to bring in an audience, you can also set up events and sell tickets right from your business page. This way, customers won’t have to search all over your website to find what they’re looking for.

Why Can’t I Just Make a Personal Profile For My Business?

If you’re a small business, you may be wondering why you can’t use your personal profile for your business. While there’s no rule against freelancers and creators using their own profile, it’s simply not as powerful as a Facebook Business page.

For instance, customers who want to interact with your business will have to send you a Friend Request, which limits your engagement. Furthermore, you’ll miss out on a lot of Facebook’s sweet content creator tools, analytics, and marketing opportunities that come with creating an actual Facebook Business Page.

But if you’ve already made a personal profile for your business, don’t worry!

Simply convert it into a Business Page by going to Pages, clicking “Get Started”, and follow the steps to separate your personal profile from your brand new Facebook Business Page.

Voila! Your Facebook profile is all set, and your Business Page is ready to go.

Is Creating a Facebook Business Page Free?

Yes! Setting up your Business Page is absolutely free.

However, you will have to pay for any ads you buy to reach your customers. That said, your page itself will remain free to you and everyone else.

But does your Facebook Business Page really cost nothing?

Well, yes and no. It’s important to remember that while you don’t pay for a Facebook account, the company still makes money off you and your customers. Mostly they do this by selling your audience’s attention to advertisers through Facebook Ads. This allows them to not charge you (or anyone else) to use Facebook while still keeping the platform up and running.


Facebook Business offers many opportunities to monetize your Business page, some of which we’ve already covered – and some you wouldn’t expect to be a part of monetization.

Some of these options include:

  • Advertising to your page’s intended audience
  • Selling event tickets
  • Fundraising
  • Becoming a Facebook Partner

From ads to fundraising to partnerships, each and any of these can help you grow and shape your company into a competitive force in the market. (If your page is heavy on fandom-related content, be sure to check out Facebook’s monetization rules more in-depth).

A Final Word on Starting Your Business Facebook Page

Thanks for reading! We hope you learned a lot about setting up your very own Facebook Business Page, as well as the pros and cons of having one in the first place.

We hope you’ll check out our other articles on creating an Instagram account and Business Profile, monetizing your Instagram, or learning other ways to incentivize your various other social media platforms. It’s a perfect way to ring in the New Year!

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