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Monetize Facebook and Instagram for the Holidays

Hayley Haggerty

By now you’ve probably been successful at creating your own social media account(s), grown a following, and discovered your audience – but what’s next? You have a platform, and you want to use it, but what’s the best way to do so? If you’re like anyone during the holidays right now, you’re probably looking for ways to make money during these uncertain times. What better way to do that than to monetize your social media platforms?

Read on for simple and effective tips on monetizing your Facebook vs Instagram pages during the holidays.

5 Ways to Monetize Facebook and Instagram Around the Holidays

Many of these tips can work for monetizing posts on both Facebook and Instagram. But whenever there’s a difference between the two platforms, we’ll be sure to note it in the tips below.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to make money on Instagram in the 2020 holiday season is with Affiliate Marketing.

Pick a product or brand that you love, sign up as an affiliate, and offer your audience links or discount codes when they buy products through you. You’ll get a certain percentage of the profits, and your audience will be gaining, too! It’s a win-win.

Post your links and discount codes directly in your feed, or use Stories and other features on both Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t forget to make it clear to your audience that they’ll benefit if they use your referral codes! Chances are, the product will directly relate to what they’re already following you for, and they’ll have no trouble clicking on your links to both support you, and buy a great product.

2. Sponsorship

Once you gain a sizeable following and become a so-called influencer, you can leverage your status and influence to sponsor products and post reviews. Brands will usually reach out to influencers to promote their products to their followers. But you can also approach companies with your pitch detailing your own spin on promotion.

Try not to make these posts stick out in your feed – work on finding brands, products, and sponsorships that closely align with your own morals and personal branding to make them fit into your regular posts. This is easily done if you promote products similar to what your target audience are already interested in.

3. Market Your Own Products

Similar to brand sponsorship, you can always promote and advertise your own brand and products, provided you have the audience and following to do so.

If you keep on topic with your general posts and vibe, you could design and sell your own products while keeping in-theme. For one, you’ll be giving your audience that extra connection between you and what you make and sell.

Just like promoting other brands, try to make your own products fit seamlessly into the rest of your feed. On your Instagram business account, take advantage of the Swipe Up feature in your stories to easily sell your products right from their pictures. Or, if digital marketing is your thing, create an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram to monetize your posts and get your audience excited about what you’re selling.

4. Product Placement Videos

Have you ever watched videos on Instagram or Facebook and spotted certain branded products in otherwise regular content?

Content creators can advertise products in all sorts of videos and earn a percentage of the revenue as they share DIY tips, teaching videos, or even funny shorts on their platforms.

The easiest way to share these kinds of videos is through your Stories or even on your page directly. Facebook Watch and IGTV are also places to post this kind of content. (Though most argue that posting videos directly to your page and stories reach the most amount of people.)

5. Teach What You Know

One of the most trusted ways to monetize your Facebook and Instagram accounts is through teaching and educational videos.

Got a topic or area of expertise that you’re more knowledgeable about than the average person? Why not share what you know with your followers, and monetize your social media to boot? In fact, many content creators have created platforms and streaming services just for their classes and information so that their audience can subscribe to learn from them directly.

On Instagram and Facebook, you can work towards sharing your know-how with your audience right from your pages and use all the monetization tips we covered earlier to promote your products and make a little money on the side.

A Final Word on Monetizing Facebook and Instagram

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you learned a lot about ways to monetize your Facebook and Instagram pages, and how to apply these great tips to your other social media platforms as well. Monetization is one of the most lucrative ways to build your platform, your audience, and your life online, plus make a decent cash flow when you need it the most.

We hope you have a safe and lovely season, whether you’re lucky enough to celebrate with friends and family, your significant other, or your beloved pet. Happy Holidays!

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